Outer Sounds

by The Too's

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released January 13, 2017

Recorded at Element Studios in Kansas City, MO. Produced by Lennon Bone w/ The Too’s. Engineered and mixed by Lennon Bone. The track “Tired” Recorded at The Studio in Springfield MO by Lou Whitney. All songs mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Studios, Kansas City, MO. Original cover artwork “Green Examiner #1” by Taylor Kubicek



all rights reserved


The Too's Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Too's are:

Isaac Duncan- Guitar, Vox
Karl Doner- Bass
Eli Chambers- Guitar, Vox
Lewis Brossman- Drums

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Track Name: Gaslight
I've been on my own for a while now
And it seems that we've brought you to
Your knees, but only time will tell
How well we've learned to hide
When we keep the tongues all tied
A broken hand would pierce the side,
but only time will tell

'Cause you've lived in the gaslight so long
that your mind is almost gone
You keep yourself up on a fence
Wrap yourself in common sense
But it's all the same honey in the end

The seeds we've sown have grown
So wild now, and it seems,
we're forced to bite the hand that feeds,
but only time will tell
how much we've left to waste,
and if the gold has turned the taste.
We're all so easily replaced by money in the end

But we've lived in the gaslight so long
That our minds have almost gone
We keep ourselves up on a fence
Wrap ourselves in common sense
But only time will tell
Track Name: Lost In Thought
You were lost in thought
I was lost in your eyes
We sat and shared your pack
While the sun fell from the sky

Sometimes you realize
That sometimes all you need is right in front of you

Please don’t close your eyes
There’s always time for sleep
It seems what’s relevant
Often comes for free
Track Name: Stay With Me
Honey, only time will tell if we've made good
I would clean up my mistakes
If I thought I could
'Cause there ain't no sense in trying to explain it
No point in running to the fence on a base hit

And I say hey yah, baby
Tell me, how bad could it be?
Hey yah, baby
Just as long as you stay with me

Baby, what's the use in trying to persuade me?
You could put it up in light up on a marquee
But there's still nothing I could say
And there's no way that I could pay
For it's a drop that's getting lost into a blue sea

Baby, nothing good can come
From all this sorrow.
Let's not think about the past until tomorrow
And I don't know which way to go
And though the journey may be slow
If it don't kill us in the end
It's gonna make us grow
Track Name: Jackie Wilson
Could we dance to phonographs of Jackie Wilson?
Make romance, Or talk of things to name our children
Could we drive all through the night
Just to watch the sun rise
As we hide under overpasses tornadoes pass us by.

Could we lose ourselves
Somewhere down a winding side street?
Could we sleep all day
Or argue blankets versus bedsheets?
Could we sing out a highland reel
To make the world sing?
Till morning brings it's yellow lines
And sinking feelings.
Till later on
Track Name: Certain Kind
I woke up to rain
Then I woke an hour later
The drops a top the shingles
Lulled me back to sleep
This red state that I live in
It could change to a blue state in a day
That don’t bother me at all

There’s a certain kind of feeling
About these days
Like the feeling that I get
When you have gone away
They say that times are changing
I say they’re the same
Don’t we all just want to know
That we are wanted

If the rain keeps coming down
And the sky won’t break
It can fill the mouths
Of those who are talking about
How the young have done them wrong
There is no harm in being young
It’s getting in the way
Of what there is to come
Track Name: Dreamer
Day in and day out
We’re staying just about even
You can’t say it out loud
But you used to be a dreamer

I should be sleeping
But i’m still up drinking
Thinking what it is I cannot live without
If there’s a song that should play
When I get to that place
I hope I can sing along

Fade in and fade out
Staying just about even
You can’t say it out loud
But you used to a dreamer
Track Name: Books
What is this feeling
Where does it come from
Why is it only here when you’re not
It’s electric emotion that gives you the notion
That i’d like to be here
When i’d rather not

If time is the ocean
It’s constantly rolling
It will continue for better or not
Try as you might
You can’t stop the tides
They’ll ebb and they’ll flow
There is day, there is night

I could write the book
“What not to say when we’re
in the car and on the way home from
christmas at my parents house
and we’re headed to yours”
I’ve the tendency to overthink
With the smallest things it’s the kitchen sink
Its this give and this take
That I can’t ignore
Track Name: Tired
Such a frightening world outside
These faces all seem so unkind
While things don’t change
Quite fast enough for some
Still others get hopelessly left behind

Its seems that i’ve been tired now for a long time
Tell me something’s gonna give
It seems that nothing changes(seems nobody’s asking)
These sad hearted exchanges(we’re all too busy masking)
Are all that we relive(all the secret lives we live)

With hands in pockets
And tongues in cheeks
Their minds are made up
Before she speaks
Hold me up
Don’t let me down
Would you see my hands
And still you let me drown
Track Name: Slow Down (The OO's)
The world seems so much bigger to me
Someone to see, somewhere to be
It’s wearin me down

I’m not trying to say
I’m the only one to feel this way
But if we slow down

We’ve got a lot to learn from what we know now
Change is a lovely word if it’s a verb now
We’ve got a lot to learn
Slow down

So many tax forms
I don’t know what to do with
Barely made enough to pay the rent
But I show up on time
Except for the few times
That I met a train without the time to give it

I’m not trying to say
I’m the only one to live this way
But if we slow down